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Types of Stage In Theater

Types of Stage In Theater – The stage is one of the most important components in a theater performance. Stage is a place where the theater drama theater and is the result of interaction where the players with the existing audience.

On top of a stage is all the demonstrations on the show with the intention of the viewers who see it understand all the way the story in question. Well, for it is needed with the type of stage that supports.

This type of stage is very important in a theater show and should not be ignored because it is useless the audience does not understand the storyline that theater players play because of the stage that does not support.

In theater drama theater is primarily a British theater stage drama, many use a stage that manifold Proscenium, Thrust, and Arena. Here is an explanation of the three types of stage in the theater stage drama:

  1. Type of Arena Stage

type of arena stageThe stage of this arena is the stage that the audience surrounds the stage. If you want to stage a theater stage using this stage type of Arena, the audience will be very close to the players. If in the theater stage drama you want to title this the players can see each side, your meal should not use the set of the decor with the vertical closed building because the audience will not be able to see the players on some sides. The stage of this arena allows you to put all the creativity in realizing the set of decorations. The stage of this arena will be made openly without a roof and some are closed. Well the audience can better understand the way the story when you use this arena stage because the audience close to the players.

  1. Type Proscenium Stage

Proscenium StageAnother term of this type of stage proscenium stage frame because the audience who watch paagelran drama theater stage is like a frame aka arch of proscenium (proscenium arch). This type of stage Proscenium is perfect for you to use if you want the audience to see and focus from one side only. This type of stage proscenium is the most widely used in theater stage drama. In a performance-style theatrical drama theater is very appropriate to use this type of stage proscenium because it will make the audience feel a play that seems to happen like real life.

  1. Thrust Type Stage

thrust type stageThis type of stage Thrust is almost the same as the proscenium stage, but the difference is two per tig of this type of thrust stage facing daan indented in the direction of the audience. If you want to use this stage of Thrust stage, you can add seats on the right and left so that you can menggait a lot of audience and money that much of course. When summed up this type of stage is a combination of stage arena and proscenium. The distance between the audience and the players in the theater stage drama you are titled using this type of thrust is also not too far so it is possible to spread story well.

Thus it is the three most effective and most widely used stage stage drama theater in theatrical stage drama to date. All three of the stage you can make as a recommendation and also the inspiration in making a stage play theater using the right type of stage. Do not until the drama stage of your theater title is not going well just because the selection of the wrong type of stage.

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