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Traveling the Story of Modern Theater

Traveling the Story of Modern Theater – The music world will never lose a life to always experience change and development. Included for theater art, this art is a role art that is often played by various acting experts and become one of the artistic performances that have so many devotees. Theater is an ever-expanding art, ranging from traditional theater to modern theater. For now, modern theater is the most widely played and easily found in theaters. In fact, modern theater is just a form of traditional theater flavored with several Western-style styles to give birth to a certain characteristic. The changes and developments from traditional theater to modern theater show that the world of theater art has so increased rapidly and mixed from various countries, so the western style is now combined with traditional stories with such a unique look.

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If traditional theater allows its audiences to get the meaning and the message they want to convey from the story and become the goal of the theater, then modern theater not only makes the audience understand the message conveyed, but also can see and contend about the style of speech and style of behavior of the players on stage. In this way, the audience will get a mandate as well as an example of good or not a person’s behavior when interacting with others and himself. The rapid development of modern theater is increasingly making the world of the theater skyrocketed than ever before.

Moreover, with a site that can be used to play videos, this modern theater can be uploaded to the site and is likely to be seen by millions of viewers for each day. This is certainly something to be appreciated and a positive change for the theater world. However, every thing must have a negative side too, and so also for the development of this modern theater. Such rapid developments sometimes make people think that the modern theater world has shifted the existence of traditional theater, as evidenced by the declining interest of the community towards traditional theater because it has switched to modern theater. In addition, since some of the traditional senior theater players have died, now it seems as if there are not too many seeds successor of this traditional arts. Actually, this is not the case of modern theater get rid of traditional theater. However, now the world of the already existing in the higher stages to get into the tastes of every society. It certainly needs to be adapted by traditional theater players and pioneers, that this theater also needs to examine what the public taste for theater might look like today.

In addition, after examining people’s tastes for traditional theater, the story presented and the way of delivery should also be tailored to the tastes of the community so that this culture does not fade away. It is undeniable that traditional theater also holds a role that is so important for the development of theater arts, so do not let this theater becomes dull and no longer heard of its development. There are many things that can make people like traditional theater as usual, by way of traditional theater carrying the actual themes that will attract the attention of the public, especially for people who pay attention to the world of theater in particular. Art world will always be needed by the community.

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