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Female Theater Singer Best in The World

Theater or Opera is an art show that always succeeds in entertaining the audience who come to see various artistic performances. There is a different sensation that you can feel when you see an art performance held in a Theater or Opera.

Aesthetic and artistic value is a very dominating thing when you see an art show. Performers of artistic performances must try and work very well to be able to package various art in a show in Theater or Opera. The high dedication and long process of being a journey to be taken by the performers of art displayed in a Theater or Opera.

Many things or factors must be carefully thought out and prepared to display a stunning performance of art, from the stage, dress, sound system, music, the storyline, to the role and the cast must be arranged as well as possible so that the birth sweet and beautiful harmonization in an art show. There is an interesting fact about the world of Theater or Opera.

Often, Theater or Opera performances can hardly be separated from the singers who have a spectacularly charming sound. Many say that Theater or Opera performances will be more complete and beautiful when equipped with performances from outstanding singers.

There are some of the best female singers in the world who often sing in a Theater or Opera show. Some of these singers are dominated by women who have a golden voice and character. Each of them is also given the title of diva by the world.

In the first sequence there is a singer who gets the nickname as The Real Diva or a true diva. This female singer named Mariah Carey. The highest tone of the singer is G # 7 and the lowest tones are A2, B2 and G # 2. The spectacular thing is that the singer has a 5+ octave vocal Range or in E2 tone – G # 7.


Mariah Carey has a distinctive voice that is singing by using Whistle vocal technique and also wet hoarseness that becomes the main attraction of this one diva. Furthermore, there is a female singer named Celine Dion who also has a golden voice. The sound type of this diva is Lyric Mezzo Soprano.

The highest tone of this singer is E6 and the lowest tone is B2 – A New Dawn. The vocal range of singer Celine Dion is 3 octaves. This one diva often uses a vocal technique called Head Voice technique. In addition, many achievements and awards he achieved such as winning 5 Grammy Awards, 7 American Music Awards, and many others.

In the third sequence there is a female singer named Sarah Brightman. He has a sound type that is Lyrics Soprano. This diva vocal range is B2 up to F6. Sarah Brightman is a female singer who belongs to a world class singer which means she can master various Genre songs.

This is certainly a distinct advantage of this one diva. Apart from the three divas there are also some famous Theater or Opera singers like Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Maria Callas, Jose Carreras, Joan Sutherland, Jonas Kaufmann, Philippe Jaroussky, Anna Netrebko, Left Te Kanawa, Cecilia Bartoli, Juan Diego Florez, and many others. The average of the singers has a strong and very awesome seriosa vocal type.

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