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Type of Drama Theater Based on Presentation

Type of Drama Theater Based on Presentation – Theater drama can also be divided into several types, and the type will usually be greatly influenced by the presentation of what the play will be like.

Therefore for an actor who can play some of the following drama is very appropriate to be said to be a reliable actor. Because it is also not easy to play theatrical drama.


Plus if you are able to master the type of drama that will be in play. The following types of drama based on the presentation of the play in example :


If you hear the word comedy of course you have imagined what kind of drama that runs, would be full of the name of a cuteness. But it is also not easy to play this drama, because you really should be able to master the atmosphere and also the audience so you can bring the audience into a joke that you will bring. One of the most famous comedy dramas is much ado about nothing, which the drama tells a romantic comedy that tells the story of a couple’s love story that has so many stories. There is a love story claudio and also hero who never communicate before they finally get married. And there is also a love story of benedick and also beatrice who initially hated each other but instead became in love with each other.


Furthermore, the opera drama which is a type of drama where the dialogue will be conveyed directly to the accompaniment of music. Drama like this you can still see until now, for example the overa van java. But before this drama is very developed in mainland Europe in the 16th century to 19. And one example of European music is very famous and may also be for you to listen to the le nozze in figaro.


If you hear from the type of drama it’s possible we’ve been able to read will be like what the story line that was delivered. Because this is indeed a drama that will convey or also raise stories about sadness due to a disaster or disaster that hit. Generally for the protagonists themselves tend to choose the path of the story that will end tragically.


For the next type of drama that there is a melodrama that can also be said to be almost similar to the opera. Due to melodrama itself is also a drama that has a blend of roles and also music. One of the most famous examples of melodrama to date is the washington square which tells the story of the princess of a very rich doctor who later falls in love with an ordinary young man.


For those of you who are not strange to hear the drama colossal but also not too know the way drama like what kolosa itself is a colossal drama is one of the drama that will raise about a story of struggle, war etc. For example colossal drama itself such as anglingdrama and also mahabrata.

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  2. I prefer the type of theater that tells about melodrama. Love it and wait for the right time to be able to get admission in this opera

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