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The Important Personality of the World in Theater Arts

The Important Personality of the World in Theater Arts – These are the famous figures in the field of Theater arts that raised the Theater to be one of the most prestigious shows to date. Without a few names below, maybe Theater will not be a place of the most desirable performance dramas. It is an art that flows in to some of the art figures who support and develop talented actresses and talents who can vent their talents and art through a show worthy of witnessing. In the past, Theater performances were only intended for the nobility as well as the people who have high degree. But now the show Theater has been liked by many people and can be enjoyed by all circles of society. Here are some important Theater figures that you must know.

william shakespeare

The first of course you are familiar with this one William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was a British cultural figure and writer from 1564-1616. Artwork is still widely enjoyed until now. Even some of the artwork he wrote has been translated into several languages ​​so that the whole world can enjoy his remarkable work. In addition, some of William Shakespeare’s works have been staged on the Theater stage when compared to other Theater works. Then other than that there are other figures who are also meritorious in the field of art Theater Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. A playwright and also a Russian writer has given birth to various works of life and events in Russia. He often raised the drama about human life and made it in a writing of his art.

Initially the work of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was not very well known outside Russia, but after the events of World War I began to spread his work and also known by many people to this day. In addition to Shakespeare’s work, Chekhov’s work has been staged on Theater stage to date. Then the figure who contributed in the world of the role of Theater is Jean Paul Sartre. Modern literature began to flourish in 1940 after the beginnings of literary art from the theoretical Sartre.

Born in Paris in 1905, he was a figure who liked to write a work of consciousness, freedom and existentialism according to the theoretical from within himself and also get a source of inspiration from the philosopher Edmund Husserl. He is well known to be a major source of inspiration from modern literary works. Next important figure in the field of Theater is Bertolt Brecht who was born in 1898. He was an influential person in the twentieth century as a famous Theater director at the time. Derived from Russia, Bertolt is also a poet and also a playwright. Much of his amazing work in the performing arts performances Theater and has managed to rebuild the world of Theater in the 20th century.

In addition there are also other figures that are not less important that is Edmond Rostand. A French poet and playwright born in 1868. A notable performance to this day is Cyrano de Bergerac. But unfortunately in the 19th century he had to leave this world and did not have time to give birth to other spectacular works.
The last one is George Bernard Shaw from Dublin, Ireland was a famous playwright of his time in the 1900s. Bernard Shaw is also very respected because he often also often criticized some of the stage Theater until he is also known as Theater critics. But he is indeed worthy of being a Theater critic because he has proven through some of his remarkable works. These are some of the most important figures who are very meritorious in the field of art Theater and arguably the founder of the famous Theater art until now.


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