the best theatre actors indonesia

The Famous Theatre Actors Indonesia

The Famous Theater Actor Indonesia – Theatre is a stage show that has existed for a long time. This is also due to the lack of sara and also the media that support the current dramas that have been shown into the big screen. But the theatre also has its own lovers, which art values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be obtained will also be different and more memorable.

But do not ever think of it as easy to play a theater drama. Because the pelakonya will directly play their role that will be watched directly in front of hundreds or even thousands of eyes. And for theater actors Indonesia also there is a very famous name fragrant even up to now, following the famous home theater actors Indonesia such as

Arifin C Noer

Arifin c Noer

Arifin C Noer was born in cirebon on 10 March 1941 and died on 28 May 1995 at the age of 54 years. Arifin is a theater director who has won several trophies for awards for screenwriters and best films. The soul of art that is owned by arifin is also able to move his heart to dare to raise a story that is very controversy, namely Betray G30SPKI that even until now always in play every year to commemorate the day.

W.S Rendra

ws rendra

W.S. Rendra is also one of the theater actor who is also very famous name, W.S Rendra was born in Solo on November 7, 1935 and died in depok on 6 August 2009. The departure of W.S Rendra even still keep a deep mark. This one actor also has a nickname, the peacock. He founded a place of theater that was placed in yogyakarta, but there is a problem problem then he set up another theater workshop located in depok. W.S Rendra is famous for his very active youth in the art world.

Wawan Sofwan

The theater actor whose name is also very well known ie wawan sophist who often times starred in a theater drama and managed to lift his name. In 2005 alone he received a scholarship from the international theater Institut Germany to gain further knowledge about theatrical drama. Today he often teaches drama art in the univercity malasya cultural center.

I gusti ngurah putu wijaya

Theater actors who are involved in other art world i gusti ngurah putu wijaya who is the actor from Bali, who died at the age of 66 years. He is also a writer who is often known to be versatile with all the skills he has. He also has many roles behind very interesting works that can make his name to soar higher. Even dozens of awards are also successful for him in the art world. He also has a lot of staging plays both in the country and for abroad.

Those are some of theater actors whose names are well known in the art world of drama even today. For those of you who have joined or also love the art world of course you are no stranger to hear the following names. Because they are also a lot of people talked about in the art world because of his ability to be able to play a given drama.

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