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Some of the Pillars of the Theater to Look For

Some of the Pillars of the Theater to Look For – Theater is one art that attracts a lot of interest from the community. A theater can be one of the stories one will remember and always remember. That way, theater can be one of the most effective medium to deliver the message to the audience. To be a quality and good theater, there are some things that must be considered in making theater drama. These things become a pillar that will determine what the theater will look like. Surely this will greatly affect the taste of the people who watch it. When audiences watch a theater, what will be remembered are two things that are good and not the game of the drama. To be said as a good theater, there are many struggles behind the show. Below will be reviewed some of the things that become pillars in the world of theater and should not be missed, in order to become an interesting theater that will be remembered by the audience.

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The first thing is the message to be delivered. In a theater, the moral message becomes a very important thing. Thus, in staging a theater, the player must really animate the message to be delivered so that it can be received easily by the audience. Second is the face and body language. When a person feels in a less comfortable place, it will be very visible from his gestures. A theater player must be able to control his body and can set the body language that will be shown. To achieve this, the theater player must influence his psychic to be controlled and not make uncomfortable movements to see.

If you can master the body language, the next is to master the face that is installed and must be tailored to the story to be delivered. Some of the lesser-known theater mistakes are the undesirable facial expressions. Suppose a theater player wants to show that he is sad through his expression. Although he was convinced that his expression was sad, but he still hesitated so that the actual expression happens is not in accordance with expectations. This can be trained by doing the expression exercises in front of the glass, so it can feel what the real expression looks like and how the facial features should be displayed. Next is voice and articulation. Theater performance is an art that involves the element of sight and hearing of the audience, so the sound of the players must be heard well by the audience. For that, intonation and articulation are essential for a theatrical performance. To train sound, a theater player can try to shout in a long breath in order to make his voice not easily broken and smooth to be heard. https://ceme-online-terpercaya.wildapricot.org

Some of the above is a pillar of the aspect of the mandate and the player who plays theater performance. In addition, there are still some things that are not less important that also holds a big role in the world of theater art, such as the presence of a director. The director is one of the determinants of the quality and not of the theater players, so the director must know each player is used and what role is played by each player. one way is to help the players to enter the theater figure into the self and the mind of each player for each character.

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