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Palace Theater Facility Overview

Palace Theater Facility Overview – The Royal residence Theater lies in the heart of Myrtle Coastline in the acclaimed Broadway at the Coastline facility. The Theater and also premises include 20 acres as well as there are about 600 car park as well as electric motor train rooms on facilities.

The Theater itself is an excellent 63,900 square feet and also showcases an almost 7,000 square foot, golden-domed entrance hall with 3 crystal light fixtures and also a winged stairs preceeding the mezzanine degree. There is no lift on facilities nonetheless enough mobility device seats is supplied on the band degree.

The Box Workplace is situated inside the major entrance hall for ticket acquisitions as well as pick-up. The Box Workplace is open Monday 9am to 6pm, Tuesday via Saturday 9am – 7.30 pm and also shut on Sundays.

The major entrance hall additionally showcases a present store and also numerous smaller sized locations for outdoors supplier established throughout unique occasions.

The Royal residence Theater has a number of giving ins locations in the entrance hall and also amphitheater which use a selection of food, treats, sweets and also soft drinks.

palace theatre main auditorium
Palace Theatre Main Auditorium


The main auditorium consists of a proscenium stage with an apron. There are 2,638 available seats, divided into three sections across the Theatre. Approximately 1200 seats are located in the mezzanine area with the remainder of the seating located on the main floor orchestra level. The mezzanine level is approximately 5’ higher than the orchestra level. There are no steps on the orchestra level. Row W on the orchestra level is reserved for wheelchair and companion seating.

From the apron there are two sets of steps leading down to the auditorium floor, one at the end of each aisle. There is also access to the back stage area from both sides, down stage of the proscenium wall. The stage is 3’ high off the main floor and approximately 10 feet from the front row of audience seating. The distance from the stage to the back of the auditorium is 146’.

The Palace main stage features a standard theatre type grid over the stage area (including the wings) which carries a capacity of 128,000 lbs. The grid height is 70’ from the stage floor. The stage floor to the roof is approximately 110’. The proscenium opening is 63’ 10” wide by 30’ tall.

For more detailed information regarding the stage, electrics and audio equipment please contact the Stage Manager at 843-448-9224 ext. 245.

The King Theatre
The King Theatre


The Palace Theatre also houses the King’s Suite Showroom. Located off of the grand lobby, the King’s Suite Showroom is approximately 1,700 square feet. The showroom features 32’ wide by 14’ deep raised stage which includes a 2’ crossover and corridor leading to a small dressing area.

The showroom is divided into two sections with a center aisle. The seating capacity for the showroom is approximately 140.

For more information regarding the electrics and audio package in the showroom please contact the Stage Manager at 843-448-9224 ext. 245.


The Palace Theatre will take the steps necessary to provide sign language interpretation of performances so that individuals with some hearing impairments that need to use the sign language to be able to communicate are provided by us.

  1. The Palace Theater shall provide interpreter service for any performance whenever a customer –

A . Makes a request that the performance be interpreted at least ten days prior to the performance and B. Purchases a ticket for the performance at least ten days prior to the performance.

Requests May be directed to Mary Pluchino, Box Office Supervisor, via email :

  1. The quality of the interpretation depends on adequate preparation time, so earlier notice is encouraged.
  2. If a request for an interpreted performance is received later than ten days prior to the performance, the Palace Theater shall make reasonable efforts to provide interpreter service.
  3. Interpretation shall be provided with no additional cost to the customer requesting the service.

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