famous theatre performers in the world

List of Famous Performers Theater of the World

List of Famous Performers Theater of the World – The world of theater stage drama theater may not be as successful today if there are no characters who always play a role and also build it up as it is today.

The performers of this stage theater drama role not only on the cast alias the players only, but also the writers of theater script, theater director and many more.

The services of the performers of this stage theater drama role should be appreciated and remember always because without them we can not enjoy the beauty of the theater role drama theater as you often see now.

So, you have to remember the famous theater figures in the world who have made the world of theater as it is today.

Actually there are so many world-renowned theater figures who are very meritorious to the theater role drama theater. But here are five lists of theater figures you should at least know and remember:

1. Moliere


Moliere is an actor of theater drama of the famous stage theater plays and is also a highly respected stage director in the 17th century. He was also a dramatic theorist who was well known in his time.

Moliere is famous for the comedic art that she carries. He is able to bring themes and techniques that are very unique in the field. It also applies alexandrine aka rhythmic rhythmic lines. Plus, he also co-created a character that is so contrasting and interesting to watch.

2. Anton Chekhov

anton checkov

Anton chekhov is a Russian citizen who is a writer and playwright who produces many works. Anton Chekhov contains a lot of diverse themes in every work he made from poverty, tragedy, bureaucracy and much more.

Many theatrical roles of theater drama Anton Chekhov are produced by various theater groups spread all over the world. If you are a connoisseur of theater theater plays are really deepening the theater must hear the name of Anton Chekhov mentioned.

3. Jean Paul Sartre

jean paul

Jean Paul Sartre is a man from Paris. He was born in 1905. All the work of writing and stage drama that Jean Paul Sartre for this comes from the philosopher of a philosopher named Edmund Husserl which contains the freedom, consciousness and also existentialism heidegger.

In 1940, all of Jean Paul Sartre’s masterpieces reached their limits of popularity. Many of the dramas he wrote novel and many more are staged or exhibited in the world.

4. Bertolt Breacht


Bartolt Brecht is a playwright, poet and also an art director of theatrical stage drama that is very famous in the 20th century that originated from Germany.

All of his works and his thoughts have also influenced the art of drama theater stage. He also made a very significant contribution to dramturgi and the production of a stage drama theater since he was 2 years old.

5. Edmond Rostand

edmond rostand

Edmond Rostand is a playwright and jga poet who comes from France. He is very famous for his game on Cyrano de Bergerac. He is one of the most influential people in this stage stage drama arts theater.

That’s the way some of the world’s art figures of theatrical stage plays are famous. Not only comes from players, but also director until the author was also included in the list of world’s most famous theater store.

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