Famous Drama Theater Performances In The World

Famous Drama Theater Performances In The World – Maybe some of you are very fond of art in the form of a stage show, which is better known as the theater. Theater is indeed one of the arts which will usually be staged in opera houses with various stories that they will pick up.

Not a few also from you who like theatrical drama performances, because it will be played directly. And usually this will be more difficult. Because the actors and actresses will perform their respective roles directly seen by hundreds to thousands of spectators who come.

For those of you who are very fond of theater, here we will give some theatrical drama that is very famous in the world, as for the drama that is as follows

A secreetcar named desire

This one drama is one of the most famous theatrical dramas in history, even still playing regularly that you can meet in the broadway theater. This drama tells of a family that is very rich because of inheritance, but it turns out all his inheritance is fake. Then there will be a lesson that you can learn from this one drama. That is an inheritance is a very dangerous treasure to expect.

Long days journey into night

Another very famous drama is the drama long days journey into the night that tells about the family o’neill who has family members with strange habits. Starting from the story of his mother who is a morphine addict, then also his father who suddenly can disappear and also many more other family habits are weird and can only be encountered in theater drama long days journey into night. But you need to know that this drama is the shortest kiah. That is only told in the life of the family one day alone.



The next drama theater is a drama fences which is also one of the dramas that entered the Oscar nominations in 2017 ago. But the first appearance of this drama has been so long ago, that is in 1985. Drama fences raised the story of how the treatment provided by the American and also African who received unpleasant treatment or racist treatment, and trying to get out of the problem.

Whos afraid of virginia woolf

The next drama is whos afraid of virginia woolf which tells about the badness of a household which is caused by the twist plot story that becomes very interesting at the end of the story. This comedy drama is also one of the play of a song made by Walt Disney who then inspired and lifted into one of the interesting stories to be on display in theatrical plays.

Death of salesman

Another famous drama that is death of salesman who tells about the father figure who got a dream that says that the salesman is one of the most noble work on earth. And this drama turned out to be lifted from one of the novels in the works by arthur miller.

That’s a drama that is very popular drama to be famous in the world even to this day. There are parts of the drama that you can still watch on a regular basis. And there are many more other dramas that are equally interesting for you to watch.

4 thoughts on “Famous Drama Theater Performances In The World”

  1. Death of Salesman is one of my favorite theater stories. with a diverse and deeply touched story with the storyline presented.

  2. a secret car named desire movie that made my heart become deeply moved and touched by the story given. Recomended for this story continued in the theater.

  3. a secret car named desire seems like I’ve heard it. Oh yeah just remembered that this story is often told by my mother when lull me as a child. Looking forward to the complete storyline of this story to see how it goes in the story.

  4. Street Stories in theater car named desire this really makes my heart’s eyes become open. Desire is one thing that really will not be satisfied if we follow continuously.

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