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Best Drama Theater in the World

Some of the Best Drama Theater in the World – Each type of art must have a show that will show the beauty of the arts. Including for the theater. This art is one of the few arts that can be enjoyed by just anyone, both for people who understand art and people who are not very interested in the art world. The theater which is the performing arts of a human-enhanced story is very much attracted the attention of the citizens of the world. In fact, theater art has now spread to the small point of society. For example, any particular school or college now has many theater community. Of the many theatrical performances that have been held by theater lovers, there are some world-class theater drama that became the best work and continues to be remembered until now. Starting from the plot, the characterization, the way of delivering it, to the messages conveyed from the theater to the audience, everything will be remembered for some theaters to be reviewed below.

The first theater is a theater entitled Death of Salesman. This theater drama was performed in 1949, so it was over 50 years ago. However, because it has a very interesting story and the delivery of the characters that fit, this one theater story continues to be remembered and remembered until now. The theater was first held in New York precisely in the Broadway Theater building which is one of the world’s most popular theater venues. Actually, the story of this story is not too complicated. This story revolves around a man who also became a father, one day got a dream that tells that the job is paing muli, meritorious, as well as the best job is a salesman. In addition, the next theater title that became one of the best theater stories in the world is A Streetcar Named Desire.

This drama is one of the dramas that became the historic drama in the world. Until now, in Broadway Theater, New York, this staging is still often played and still attract people to see it. The message contained in this story is so noble, that is to say that in fact the most dangerous property that is often owned by humans is the inheritance. The message is so easy to digest and right on the hearts of those who witness it. The next title is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This drama theater is a drama titled comedy that is very famous on the world level. For people who observe the theater world, certainly will not be unfamiliar with the title of this one theater. The story told is a very light and easy story for the audience to receive, the story of a household that is so unique and strange, as well as funny. The plot of this story will also make the audience so carried away with the story told.

These are some of the most famous theater titles in the world. Of course, the stories have their own unique story that makes the audience so stunned, and managed to attract the attention of the people even though times have changed considerably. This proves that the stories conveyed from a theater show will have a great chance to be remembered with jelly and ringing in the memory of the audience. That is one of the features of the theater art that is still very popular today.


This is The Theaters Actor of the World

This is The Theater Actors of the World – Every thing that is in life must have some important people who become the influence of the development of it. Starting from the field of science, politics, and also the arts, all certainly have the characters that meritorious and will not be forgotten just like that. One of them is theater art. Art theater which is the art of the role of course to be one art that is still so popular to this day. Not only famous theater, but ordinary people sometimes there are deliberately making theater performances to be staged in general and get a very good appreciation of the community. The theater world itself also has some important figures that play a major role in the development of theater to the world of theater art can be as it is now its development. Here will be reviewed some theater figures who play a role in the field of world-class theater arts.


The first character is William Shakespeare. Living in the 16th century, this man is still remembered to this day through his stunning works. William’s work is an original work that has certain characteristics. Especially in the field of romance, this figure is so animated every stanza is written. His role for the theater world is some of his legendary work that is often used as a story in theatrical performances in the world. His work has also been translated into various languages ​​in the world, and still attract the attention of the community. Almost no theater lovers who do not recognize the name of this one figure. After william shakespeare, the second is anton pavlovich chekhov. It is a russian man who lived around the 19th century. Almost the same as the previous figure, Anton is also known until now thanks to his stunning works of writing. At first, Anton’s work was known only for the Russian state. Exactly after World War 1 ended, the work of anton already known to the world community and he is now one of the figures who contributed works to serve as a story in various theatrical performances. Anton usually writes works on humanity, such as the story of poverty, some tragedy events, and other stories closely related to the social world of society.

Turning to the early 20th century figure, Jean Paul Sarte is the next character to be discussed. Jean is a person born in Paris, a French country and his work is known to the world. Precisely in the years 1940, are the years of glory of Jean because many of his work that skyrocketed and catapulted his name. His fascinating work makes Jean’s work one of the few sources for the inspiration of modern literary writers. Next is Bertolt Brecht, the German poet who became one of the names in the list of figures in the world of international theater. Bertolt does have blood theater since early age. Reported from several sources, this man has had a talent in theater since being in the age of 2 years. This is certainly very surprising because usually 2-year-old child does not have specifications where his talent is. However, the story of Bertolt who already knew his talent since childhood to make this man became one of the men who are very influential in the development of the world of international theater. That’s some of the characters who are on the list of figures who play a major role in the development of the theater world to be in the moment.


The Famous Theatre Actors Indonesia

The Famous Theater Actor Indonesia – Theatre is a stage show that has existed for a long time. This is also due to the lack of sara and also the media that support the current dramas that have been shown into the big screen. But the theatre also has its own lovers, which art values ​​that will be obtained will also be different and more memorable. Continue reading The Famous Theatre Actors Indonesia