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Arifin Chairin Noer Talented Theater figure in Indonesia

The world of art of Indonesia almost never suffered a setback. For all kinds of art, everything seems always in good development so it is worth to be appreciated and learned. Especially for theater drama arts, this art became one of the arts with a lot of enthusiasts in Indonesia. Not only many, but in schools alone are now many theater actors who would love to plunge into the world of theater. As one of the proof of the development of theater arts, Indonesia has a lot of very talented theater actors. Not only as a theater actor, there are some figures who do contribute so much to the development of this art world. One of them is a theater character named Arifin Chairin Noer who has died since 1995 ago. Although it is gone, but his works are so remembered by the public and become one of the most talented theater actors ever owned by this country.

Arifin is a bloody man who was born Cirebon on 10 March 1941. Not only wrestle in the world of theater, Arifin also became a director of several theatrical performances in Indonesia. There are many national trophies that have been achieved by this talented theater worker. Wrong in the world of theater makes Arifin so ambitious and very pursue this world of art, until decided to program International Writing Program in the United States. One of Arifin’s unique peculiarities lies in the work he has created. Arifin’s work often contains elements that are very familiar and easy to greet the community, such as involving puppets and some other media that helped channel the culture, so it is very easy to be accepted by the community and get a very good appreciation. After adept at wrestling in the world of theater and has had hours of flying to and fro, Arifin also seemed to have a special path in the world of theater.

Why not? Arifin managed to get a role as a movie director, not a theater anymore. Basically, the movie is almost the same as the theater, because the movie is a collection of theater stories that are put together in a continuous role play. That way, Arifin certainly managed to get very satisfactory results and become one of the talented director who owned Indonesia. Total films directed by Arifin is a total of 12 films. This figure is a fantastic number. One of the films categorized as one of the best films is titled Tasi oh Tasi. Arifin also has a work that is so controversial and interesting statement of the pros and cons, namely titled G 30 S / PKI. Apart from all that, Arifin is a figure of a very talented theater figure and a role model for the directors now. Although it was gone, but its name is still known by the community.

To achieve all that, certainly needed hard work and intelligent work of an Arifin. A lot of experience has gone through and made him an Arifin known by many people. His work and role in the world of theater will always be remembered by the people, especially for people who are interested in the world of theater drama art. The hope, in Indonesia will increasingly appear other figures Arifin in better packaging and bring a positive impact for the development of theater in Indonesia.

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