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4 Famous Theatre stage in the world

Theater show is one of the art of peren which is still developing and continue to face the challenges of the times. Usually this theater performance is staged inside an opera house or other closed building.

The art of this theater is most developed in New York City, USA where there is a road called Broadway in Manhattan that has a lot of professional theater in it. Automatic theater that was held this using the English course. Well, most of the theatrical performances in Broadway aka Broadway Theater is writing the history of the world by making the drama theater stage in English which they titles become the most popular in the world.

Here are four of the world’s most popular plays of theater plays dominated by theaters along Broadway Street, New York, USA:

  1. Stage Drama Theater Death of Salesman

    The stage play of the theater entitled Death of Salesman was out in 1949 then. You could say the Death of Salesman is the best theatrical drama ever played on Broadway Theater, New York which is the most prestigious place for theater players around the world to perform there. Death of Salesman is taken from Arthur Miler’s novel entitled Deadh of Salesman. The story tells of a father figure who takes an impression that if someone becomes a salesman is a very noble work very noble.

  2. A Streetcar Named Desire

    a streetcar named desireYou can still find and watch theater stage drama called A Steetcar Named Desire this Broadway Theater because the drama pangung is still played regularly on Broadway Theater. The theater drama drama named A Steetcar Named Desire is included in the list of most famous theatrical stage plays throughout history as well as still being played now because of the interesting storyline to follow. The story of A Steetcar Named Desire tells of a wealthy family and has a lot of heritage. But it turns out all his inheritance is fake. The thing that most emphasized in the theater drama is the most dangerous treasure is the inheritance.

  3. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf

    whos afraid of virginia woolfWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is not surprisingly the most popular stage drama theater around the world. This is because it is a comedy theater drama whose story is very unique. The story taken is a bobroknya a household that is packed in a unique and funny. Not forgetting the story of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is also peppered with a plot twist story that is very thick at the end of the story.

  4. Long Day’s Journey Into Night

    long day journey into nightThe stage drama Long Day’s Journey Into Night has its own character and its own uniqueness in the story. That’s because the theater drama Long Day’s Journey Into Night is only a one-day story. The contents of the story are the O’Neill family who have family members who are all weird. For example his father is often lost and much more.

Thus it was the four most famous plays of theater theater in the world which certainly use the English language. The four most famous stage theater drama you can make an inspiration in making a similar stage theater drama show as well.

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